पारदर्शी वाइपर और शाफ्ट।

Adam Aarons

यहां रेनपाल में हम वर्तमान में एक पारदर्शी वाइपर और शाफ्ट का शोध कर रहे हैं। यह दुनिया का पहला होगा।

पुराने पोस्ट नए पोस्ट

  • Larry Z. पर

    I’m interested in this product. Do you have any idea of the completion date?

  • Geoff पर

    Hi Rainpal,
    Until the transparent shaft is finished and good to go, will we be able to order Rainpal with a black shaft?
    I really want the clear vision that Rainpal offers and the transparent shaft will be a nice finishing touch but whilst it’s still being developed, I’m still wanting that clear vision.
    Thanks for all your hard work on this invention.

  • Geoff पर

    You continue to make rainpal better, I can not wait until it is finished. Thank you to all the rainpal developers.

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